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The New Podcast is up! Find out what’s coming up on “The Next Bite TV” show

Click Here To Listen The Next Bite’s new season is right around the corner! Join Pete Maina as he chats with Gary Parsons, Keith Kavajecz, Chase Parsons and Brian Shram about what shows they shot for the upcoming season. Listen … Continue reading

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New Podcast is up!

Click Here To Listen Pete talks with Patrick Sebile of the award winning lure company, Sebile USA. They will tell you which lures are their personal favorites, why they like them and how to use them. We catch up with … Continue reading

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Eagle Lake Ontario – Andy Myers Lodge

Pete Maina and his father Tex on their annual Father/Son Fishing Trip with John Gillespie at Andy Meyers Lodge in Eagle Lake, Ontario CA.

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BIG PIKE Action from Budapest – Check out THIS VIDEO!

Pete’s friend Aurel Hernyak lives in Hungry and has a passion for Big Fish. Recently Aurel and one of his good friends fished for Pike in the Baltics. They put together this amazing clip of HUGE Pike that give Europe … Continue reading

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New Podcast – Common Sense “Secrets” of WHY and WHERE to find the BIG Fish!

Click Here To Listen Understanding which ones you keep for the frying pan and which ones you throw back…you may just be surprised to learn it’s not be they way Grandpa taught you! Pete chats with well known Fishing Guide … Continue reading

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How to Get Out of Your Summer Muskie Drought

Muskies are never easy. We hear all kinds of things about what makes them tough to catch – and one of them is warm water, dog day summer conditions. But actually, in many ways, summer is my favorite time of year … Continue reading

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Catch and Release Muskies After Dark

Night fishing is in many ways – exactly the same as fishing during the day, when it comes to structures, lures, tactics and such. Yet, it does pose some unique issues for handling the landing and release of hooked fish. … Continue reading

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Jigging on Cold Fronts

Cold fronts generally aren’t the greatest news for any fishing, other than the fact that pre-frontal conditions usually bring a feeding spree as barometric pressure drops. Following this though, when cold air, high, clear skies persist, muskie and pike are … Continue reading

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For the Love of Muskie’s

Author: Ted Pilgrim with Pete Maina Pete Maina has in his day handled thousands of big muskies. Ex-guide, lure inventor, TV personality, angler extraordinaire, Maina has worn many hats. Today, while he remains a zealous hunter of the big green … Continue reading

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This is a tremendous little tip for use with any type of spinner lure, whether it’s an in-line or overhead spinner style. It’s exactly what I love in life: something very simple, comparatively easy-and I really believe increases interest and … Continue reading

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Return – Get that Muskie!

A real common question from muskie anglers is: “What do I do when I’ve located a big one?” Of course questions on triggering and wondering why figure eights didn’t work are common too. The hard thing for folks like me, … Continue reading

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Proactive Management

Mandatory release (i.e. proactive regulations that require release of all fish, a majority of fish, certain size-structure ranges in a fish species&#8230 is a popular management tool. There are many variables – each specie and fishery with its own uniqueness … Continue reading

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Polarized Glasses

Talk about a no – no; it’s like going muskie fishing without long-nose pliers and quality hook cutters-if you don’t have ’em-don’t go! Quality polarized glasses are an absolute must for any good muskie or pike fisher. And, it goes … Continue reading

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This subject is important for any species, but knowing how to properly use a net is especially important when it comes to big predators like muskie and northern pike. Done right, it’s the most effective and safest (for angler and … Continue reading

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Lure Patterning

There are big advantages to multiple anglers. After decades of guiding, generally a couple anglers at a time, every day, you’d think I’d like to spend a day or two just fishing alone. And I do, if it’s relaxing bobber-watching … Continue reading

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Learn to Use those LURES

A BIG secret – that doesn’t involve a “secret” lure; rather, increasing significantly, the capability of your favorite lures – to become secret weapons – as compared to other folks’ lures of the exact same kind. And actually, it’s a … Continue reading

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Adjusting Boat Control

  Efficiency is a very key element in muskie fishing. The lower the density of a fish species, the more you need to optimize your time on the water. Adjusting boat position on structures as patterns emerge can really save … Continue reading

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Head in the Water

When we talk of practicing effective release for muskie and northern pike, we commonly hear of the importance of having the right tools – and this is absolutely essential. If you don’t have the long-nose pliers, quality hook cutters, spreaders, … Continue reading

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Catch & Release Basics for Toothy Critters

As esox anglers, we all know the importance of catch and release to the future of our sport. Good intentions alone don’t make for successful releases. If the esox doesn’t survive the release, wasted effort and fish flesh is the … Continue reading

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Fight ‘Em Right

I’ve spent many seasons now as a muskie angler and guide (to the point where I’d rather not get specific). As a result, I’ve endured many a muskie story. Of course, the bulk of these are of “the one that got away” variety (specimens cited in the telling are of extreme proportions). I’ve watched many a muskie shake-off, not-get-hooked and even skillfully avoided as potential captors managed to whisk-away their offering before snapping jaws could close around them. It’s as though they want to save their respective purchases from the wear and tear that coincides with such vicious, toothy attacks (which I’ve never quite understood, since they’re usually paying me money to catch one of the silly things). Continue reading

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Finding Pike Through The Ice

To me, when it comes to the hard water season, northern pike are my favorite target for a lot of reasons. First, they are bigger fish that have teeth. And they pull hard and move fast. And another real neat … Continue reading

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Lure Colors and Muskies

You’ve all seen the smiley tackle manufacturer or rep at the sports show, graciously offering info on their line of product; also counsel on the myriad of colors available. I’ve been there myself many times; on both sides of the … Continue reading

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Fishing with Live Bait

Many anglers have never even tried live bait for any species. Where I come from in northwestern Wisconsin, live bait use for musky is a tradition as old as the sport itself. Generally, live bait use is common in the … Continue reading

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What’s Next for Our Muskie Fisheries?

All you muskie fishers out there-give yourself a pat on the back. Let’s look at what’s happened in muskie fishing over the last couple decades. About twenty-three years ago I started to release muskies myself, and encourage my guiding clients … Continue reading

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Live Bait Basics

As many of you may already know, live baits can work great for muskie and pike. In Wisconsin, the use of live bait (usually in addition to artificial presentations) is very popular, especially in the fall, for muskies. It can … Continue reading

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