Pete on John Gillespie’s Waters and Woods

Show Date: August 29th & 30th, 2009

Location: St. Lawrence Seaway; Montreal, Canada

Pete travels to Montreal on the St. Lawrence Seaway, with John Gillespie along with guide and friend Marc Thorpe. As per usual, we are targeting the great muskellunge, and Marc has us on the spots that produce big fish. We get just a sample of what can be had all summer long on this wonderful fishery.

We start out casting, working what seem to be endless weed-lines, all along we are thinking “You never know when Mr. Muskie is going to make your day”. The seaway has hundreds of miles of prime muskie water, Intertwined with the casting, we troll to take a break, but it’s really no break at all! We land some monsters trolling too!