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The Eagle

Here is a cool video that my daughter took while we were fishing one afternoon on Lake of the Woods last year.  We had seen a dead fish in the water that was to big for the eagle to fly away with.  We watched it make several passes but couldn’t hang on.  This was one determined eagle because it decided to swim to shore with the fish in it’s talons.

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Canada 2011

Last year in Canada, the young folks in our group got pretty creative and wrote a song about our trip. They wrote the lyrics and then wrote the music and digitally recorded it in the cab of the truck one evening after a day of fishing. Here is Grant, Katie and Jacob….they called their group “Bayte Kasta”.

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My 10 Favorite Ways to Beat the Wintertime, Off Season Blues and Get Ready for Our Next Trip Up North

#10.  Study my lake maps:  I try to mark the most successful spots on my map for big northern and for muskie sightings and then look for other areas with similar features.  I make a list of areas to cover for each day of the trip.  Also, mark favorite shore lunch sites and places to take the kids exploring.

#9.  Make a “hit list” and “prank list” for members of our group that deserve it the most!!  Last year, one of our favorite pranks was putting some STRONG, tasteless numbing gel on my sister-in-law’s tooth brush…she thought she was having some kind of neurological problems!

Note:  Each year we have an awards ceremony for our group (there is about 15 of us).  We give out awards for the most fish, the biggest fish, most species of fish, best practical joke, the best/most creative “planking”etc.  See photo for “planking”

And then…our winner for the biggest walleye last year:

More to come…

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