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Pete’s Gear: Tackle Storage

Muskie fishing is much easier with a large selection and variety of tackle. All that tackle can be easily accessible and organized with these two products from Lakewood Products!

Lakewood Muskie MonsterMuskie Monster

This is THE case you want if you have a ton of lures! This case can hold up to 100 of your favorite muskie and pike lures.

“Will hold up to 100 musky and pike lures. Each zippered side pocket can accommodate a 3600 large plastic container (not included). Generous-sized zippered pocket on back holds an included 3730 large plastic container. Heavy-duty webbing sewn around case for strength and durability. Wrap around pockets for storage of tools and towels.”

Lakewood TravelerLakewood Traveler

Don’t need that much storage or maybe you need even more than the Muskie Monster can give you? Add the Traveler to the mix and have everything you need within your reach!

“Perfect companion for the traveling Musky fisherman. Same hanging type compartments and size of our famous Medium Musky box with room inside for the 3730 large and 3700 plastic storage boxes. Now take everything you need in one box! Front pockets across the front hold tools, and side pockets provide added storage of accessories and plastic boxes. Generous-sized zippered pocket on back is large enough to hold a 3730 large plastic container (not included). Heavy-duty webbing handles are sewn around the case for strength. Adjustable shoulder strap included. Has 8 compartments 4.5″x2.25″, 1 at 9″x5.5″, and 2 at 8.75″x2.75″.”

Pete’s Gear: Accessories

Muskie fishing just wouldn’t be as fun without good accessories! Today we will look at one accessory that gives your boat unlimited customization possibilities!

Bert’s Custom Tackle – 12″ Single Track SystemBert's Custom Tackle 12" Single Track System

12 inch track. The foundation of Bert’s mounting system. Easily mounts to any boat. Includes mounting directions, end caps and hardware. All Bert’s Custom Tackle accessories mount into the track allowing for modular rigging. Slide your accessories around at any time and get your boat set up exactly how you want it!

Pete’s Gear: Rod Holders

Muskie fishing can be tricky and even dangerous without the right equipment (both for you and the muskies). Rod holders not only allow you to have multiple rods in the water at once, they also keep those rods out of your way and minimize the risk of breaking from stepping on them. Let’s have a look at what Pete uses to keep his rods in order:

Down-East Clamp On Rod HolderDown-East Clamp-on Rod Holders

Why Choose Down-East Products?
•All-Metal Construction, NO PLASTIC!
•Use your fly rod, spinning rig, baitcasting or saltwater reels!
•Durable in even the coldest weather!
•Time-tested quality since 1946!
•Wide variety of mount options!



Pete’s Gear: Fish Finding & Trolling

Muskies can hide pretty well for their size, so finding them can be tough! Once you find them, you also have to stealthily move around to get into the perfect casting position. Let’s see how Pete conquers both of these problems:

Lowrance HDS-10 Gen2 Fishfinder/ChartplotterLowrance HDS-10 Gen2 Fishfinder/Chartplotter

The HDS-10 Gen2 has intuitively simple operation through the combination of an easy-to-understand menu system, plus programmable soft keys for instant display of favorite page views.

Available in a variety of transducer-pack options:

  • 83/200 kHz for inland/freshwater uses.
  • 50/200 kHz for deeper Great Lakes/coastal saltwater uses
  • Also compatible with Airmar® in-hull or thru-hull transducers for up to 1 kW operation – for deeper, saltwater applications

Two waterproof SD card slots to load high-detail charting options. Users can also and save sonar and navigational data, and upload future HDS software feature updates.

MotorGuide Wireless Freshwater Trolling MotorMotorGuide Wireless Freshwater Trolling Motor

MotorGuide now gives you precise wireless control with complete freedom of movement. Freshwater Wireless comes standard with a Wireless Foot Pedal, the industry’s smoothest stow and deploy, four remote inputs, built-in removable mount, rough-water lower-unit cradle, and an integrated battery indicator.

 The 200-kHz sonar transducer crystal is forged at 20-degrees to provide incredible detail and is epoxy-potted in the nose cone for maximum protection. Combined with a build-in temperature sensor, your motor is compatible with most Lowrance units.

 Looking for strength? MotorGuide’s Wireless Edition composite shaft is beefed up with a larger diameter and is 33% stronger than competitor’s composite shafts. Bring on the open water.

Pete’s Gear: Engine Care

Muskie fishing can be tough, especially if you can’t get around on the water fast enough. You never know where the fish are going to be, so a good, reliable engine is key! Keeping that engine running smoothly is also a huge factor in your time on the water. Let’s have a look at how Pete keeps his engines running at their best!

AMSOIL HP InjectorAMSOIL HP Injector

hp Injector is a precise synthetic formulation that exceeds the lubrication demands of modern two-cycle motors. Today’s two-cycle outboard motors operate at higher temperatures and at leaner oil and fuel ratios than older motors. This difficult operating environment requires proper lubrication technology to keep motors running long and strong. hp Injector is a premium lubricant engineered with AMSOIL synthetic base oils and MAXDOSE advanced additives. It contains up to 30 percent more additives than other TC-W3 two-cycle oils for “super clean” operation.

Pete’s Gear: Reel & Line

Muskie fishing demands strength and toughness from all of your gear, but reel and line are probably 2 of the most important parts to getting your muskies into the boat. Let’s see what Pete trusts to get the job done!

Bass Pro Shops Muskie Angler ReelsBass Pro Shops Muskie Angler Reel

Muskie Angler gear has the power to subdue your fish quickly, so you can safely release him to fight again. Bass Pro Shops Muskie Angler Conventional Reels feature knockdown, lockdown power for taking on freshwater’s most impressive adversary in your choice of 4.2:1 gear ratio or 5.2:1.



SpiderWire UltraCast FluoroBraidSpiderWire UltraCast Fluoro-Braid

The braid that sinks like a fluorocarbon. FluoroBraid combines the sinking properties of a fluorocarbon with the strength and castablity of SpiderWire braided fishing lines. A breakthrough Gore fluoropolymer and Dyneema fiber blend provides a more direct line from rod tip to lure. The result is less slack in your line for ultimate sensitivity and faster hook sets.