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Christmas Wish List: Jiffy Ice Drills STX PRO II, Model 34

Jiffy Ice Drills STX PRO II, Model 34

Jiffy® 52cc 2-Cycle Engine – The Ultimate in Power and Torque.

HTT – High Torque Transmission – Jiffy®’s proven heavy-duty clutch and optimum gear ratio, transfer more engine energy for additional torque.

Stealth STXTM Cutting Technology – Serrated RipperTM Blade and Power Point Blades last 2-3 times longer than other blades on the market, cutting 25% faster. 

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Christmas Wish List: Clam Switchback Expandable Hub Shelter

Switchback Expandable Hub Shelter

 Model: 9129
Setup Size: 6′ x 8′ to 8′ x 10′ (expanded)
Center height: 84″
48 Sq Ft fishable area  expandable to 80 Sq Ft
Weight: 38 Lbs
Fishes 2-3 expanding to 4-6 anglers – comfortably
Super-tough 600 Denier fabric
Flex tested, extra large 11mm poles
Oversized skirt for ample snow banking
Oversized carry bag for easy re-packing
4 ice anchors and tie downs to secure in windy conditions
Triple layer corner pole pockets
Lab tested hub assemblies -largest in the industry

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Christmas Wish List: Lakewood Products E090 – Ice Pack

E090 – Ice Pack

Now 2.5″ higher to accept the largest tip ups! Gear pockets for tools also act as a third hand for restringing. Bottom pocket and Velcro securely holds up to 5 jig poles on side of case. Heavy-duty ballistic bottom helps keep water out and prevents tears. Mesh pocket for round tip ups and wet items. Adjustable shoulder straps with extra large loop handle allow you to carry it with gloves on. Two large zippered pockets on the side provide tons of storage.

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Pete Maina joins Ice Team!

Ice Team™ Releases Its 2012-2013 Pro Staff

Medina, MN (May 29, 2012) – Ice Team™ doesn’t rest during the off season. In fact, we have been hard at it building the most elite group of ice anglers the world has ever seen. This group of Ice Team Pros covers the entire ice belt and can’t wait to gas the augers and cut some ice!

“When we say we have the best Pros, we really mean it,” says Matt Johnson, Ice Team Manager. “Our Pros collectively make up the most experienced group of ice anglers ever, and their ability to communicate their experiences to the ice fishing community is second to none. To say I’m excited is an understatement. With that, please meet our 2012-2013 Ice Team Pro Staff…”

Minnesota – Dave Genz, Rick Johnson, Jason Durham, Jeff Andersen, Matt Breuer and Scott Seibert

Wisconsin – Jim Hudson, Jim Kusuda, Gary Parsons, Chase Parsons, Keith Kavajecz and Pete Maina

Michigan – Joe Balog and Chuck Mason

North Dakota – Jason Mitchell and Zippy Dahl

South Dakota – Dennis Kassube

Iowa – Kevan Paul and Rod Woten

Illinois – Tod Todd

Colorado – Bernie Keefe and Nate Zelinsky

New York – Scott Brauer

Vermont – James Vladyka

Manitoba – Jason Hamilton

This season Ice Team will be bigger and better than ever. Expect to be blown away with cutting edge material, helping you to become the best ice angler you can be! Ice Team prides itself on being “the true center of the ice fishing world™” and this year we will once again prove that to be true. Ice Team will involve the ice fishing community more than ever and will continue to be the premier resource for the ice angler—you won’t want to miss out!

“I’m really excited about the coming ice season,” says Dave Genz, Ice Team Pro Staff and Mr. Ice Fishing. “Ice Team will definitely be bigger and better this year. I look forward to sharing my season with all of you. See you on the ice!”

Please visit www.iceteam.com for more information about the Ice Team’s Pros and get ready to “Join the Team™” on September 4, 2012!!!

For more information on Ice Team, please visit Ice Team’s website, www.iceteam.com, or Ice Team’s Facebook page, www.facebook.com/iceteamrevolution.

Finding Pike Through The Ice

To me, when it comes to the hard water season, northern pike are my favorite target for a lot of reasons. First, they are bigger fish that have teeth. And they pull hard and move fast. And another real neat thing to me, is that they are generally pretty easy to target on waters with a decent population. Good action can usually be found, and the best part of all-for someone who’s never been too keen on rising early, is that midday hours are generally best. You normally don’t need to start early or stay late into the dark.

If you really want to be most effective in targeting pike (or realistically any species for that matter), the first move is to make some phone calls and line up friends to go along. And that’s the neat thing about ice. A boat limits those who can all go along. It’s pretty much unlimited on the ice. Round up some folks, because the more holes or sets you are allowed to use, the quicker you should be able to pattern pike.

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