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How to Get Out of Your Summer Muskie Drought

Muskies are never easy. We hear all kinds of things about what makes them tough to catch – and one of them is warm water, dog day summer conditions. But actually, in many ways, summer is my favorite time of year for muskies. It’s often feast or famine; there are so many things to try; it can be very high speed; it’s always challenging and fun. And if they’re not bitin’ you can always go swimmin’. Allow me to offer a quick 6-pack of solutions that often work for myself and others. To get to six, we’ll look at presentations that just might be something new to muskies’ eyes.

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This is a tremendous little tip for use with any type of spinner lure, whether it’s an in-line or overhead spinner style. It’s exactly what I love in life: something very simple, comparatively easy-and I really believe increases interest and reactive strikes. Simply put, most folks just reel their spinners straight in… and often that works quite well with the combination of flash, vibration and a body to target.
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Lure Patterning

There are big advantages to multiple anglers. After decades of guiding, generally a couple anglers at a time, every day, you’d think I’d like to spend a day or two just fishing alone. And I do, if it’s relaxing bobber-watching for a higher density species, but if I’m even halfway serious about muskie-catching, I can’t stand fishing alone – simply because it’s utterly inefficient. When you are talking about a low density critter like a muskie, or trophy northern pike, some “time” needs to be put in for a lure to be truly tested. While weather, time of year, previous patterns and hunches may dictate what is more likely to work, every day is actually a test of you most efficiently finding out what the fish are in the mood for; not what you think they should be in the mood for. Never, ever, start a day with two or more anglers using the same presentation. It just doesn’t make a lick of sense, especially when we’re talking artificial lure use for esox species.
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