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New Podcast – Operation Muskie 3

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Pete Maina chats with four Iraq and Afghan United States vets about their experience fishing the 3rd annual Operation Muskie event. Twenty vets are selected to participate, some have fished muskie, some haven’t. Hear their stories of how they caught their first muskie or how they lost the big one. Is truly a rewarding …event for all who participate and certainly a feel good listen to those who love muskie fishing and, appreciate all that our military do for us.This is our longest podcast ever (1 hour and 7 minutes, the last 5 min 30 secs a Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute to our hero’s “Red, White and Blue”) Enjoy!

New Podcast – Pete catches up with Mark Zona

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Join Pete Maina and his guest Mark Zona, TV fishing show host for ESPN’s”The World’s Greatest Fishing Show” and BassMaster.This very funny show will have you laughing as these two friends share their fishing stories and experiences as TV Fishermen.

It wasn’t completely perfect getting started in the business, Mark Zona shares funny stories about how he almost didn’t get started! Be sure to stay till the end as these two sing Mark’s famous “Baby Cub” song … and we end the show with “Z-Train” a song written for Mark by our friend and Detroit Rocker, Brian Schram … “who say’s fishing ain’t cool?”

The New Podcast is up! Find out what’s coming up on “The Next Bite TV” show

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The Next Bite’s new season is right around the corner! Join Pete Maina as he chats with Gary Parsons, Keith Kavajecz, Chase Parsons and Brian Shram about what shows they shot for the upcoming season.

Listen as they share where they fished, their behind the scenes trials and tribulations of filming a fishing show, their success and new techniques that prove to be winners for catching Fish with Teeth!

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New Podcast – Common Sense “Secrets” of WHY and WHERE to find the BIG Fish!

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Understanding which ones you keep for the frying pan and which ones you throw back…you may just be surprised to learn it’s not be they way Grandpa taught you!

Pete chats with well known Fishing Guide Dustin Carlson who resides in Duluth, Minnesota which offers him the opportunity to fish some of the finest trophy lakes/rivers in northern MN including Lake Vermilion. His 15 plus years of pursuing and guiding monster muskies has given him the opportunity to fish many of the finest waters over the Midwest and all over Canada.

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Check Out the Ladies of Muskie Fishing Podcast!

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The Muskie Maniac Podcast Sponsored by Musky Tales

Introducing Jesica Retzleff of Phelps Wisconsin. Jesica started Muskie fishing a year ago and has already had a triple! Jesica describes herself as a girly girl who not only enjoys hunting and fishing, but is in the process of starting her own Muskie clothing, jewelry purses and gift line of products. Her line will include T-shirts and hats with “bling”, camo heels and purses! Outdoor wear for women with a feminine touch! Watch for her site opening soon!  http://www.muskygirl.net/.

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